Planning And Strategy

Our Delivery Process

While all of our development work is adapted to suit the needs of our clients,
as a general rule, Relay Techservices follows a three-step process en route to delivery.

Before a project can begin, a strategy must be put in place to ensure it has a framework to follow. By working together with you, we are able to help you refine your concepts and work them into a format that will be suitable for all who intend to use the end product.

Getting the requirements for the project right from the start is crucial, which is why we communicate regularly with our clients to ensure that the correct information is collected and we understand how it needs to be implemented later on.

Making use of a variety of techniques, we will help you brainstorm your project requirements, map them out using storyboarding and other tools and eventually build a simple prototype that gives you a strong idea of how the fully-developed product will work. Along the way, the project requirements can be adapted based on whatever our clients need